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Newbury has built its traffic jams

Despite the number of vehicles driving across the A339 next to Sainsburys falling from a recent peak of 48,000 a day in 2006 according to a Department for Transport traffic survey, the problems concerning Newbury's traffic problems continue.

That 22% reduction at the last count at the same location in 2015 has had little impact on the jams and it seems that Newbury isn't going anywhere fast.

And now a group consisting of experts from Newbury Town Council are asking for help about how they can improve the situation at a time when more and more houses are moving from the planning boards and into reality.

The problem Newbury faces is that all money for new roads will have to come from a pretty skint West Berkshire Council and the options are limited as is the space to build them.

Here are the options we suggest:

  • Open up Northbrook Street longer during morning rush-hour and after 5pm for southbound traffic. West Berks argues that this is a safety issue but at the end of the day people cross roads all of the time with cars on the road not just on Northbrook Street

  • Create new link road from Enbrone Road to Essex Road and in turn build a new slip road on to the A34

  • Introduce a toll for drivers to pass over the Wharf Road on to the Parkway

  • New slip-road from Love Lane on to Western Avenue at Vodafone

  • Left turn added at Robin Hood roundabout behind Winchcombe School.

latest newbury news

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