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Newbury Station gets £6m revamp

West Berkshire Council in partnership with Great Western Railway (GWR) has been awarded just over £6 million pounds to revamp passenger facilities at Newbury Station.

The £6,051,000 scheme will also improve connections between rail and walking, cycling and public transport, creating the railway station as a gateway to the town and helping to ensure future demand for travel is met while encouraging sustainable transport.

GWR Regional Development Manager Tom Pierpoint said: "GWR is delighted that we will be able to improve Newbury Station and make it a gateway for the town.

"This deal will deliver improvements for our passengers at a time when we are undergoing the greatest upgrade to trains and track in a generation. The project will complement the Market Street development and will provide better access to the station for those arriving on foot, cycle and public transport.

"We also intend to provide office space for start-up businesses, which will be a great opportunity to be so well connected to the GWR network, developing and strengthening the local economy."

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