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Nightmare train journeys expected

Train passengers travelling to and from Newbury during electrification works will find their journey times more than double. 

And those going to Pewsey from Newbury could travel to Ireland and back via Heathrow in the same amount of time it will take to compete that journey. 

GWR has a route leaving Newbury at 1014 that will take nearly five hours with four changes. 

That's instead of the usual 20 minute trip that exists at the moment.

There will be one bus replacement between Pewsey and Newbury during the morning and evening peaks. That will take 55 minutes. 

While journey times to Pewsey will increase significantly, those travelling to and from Reading will have to factor in one hour of travelling instead of the usual 20 minutes. 

Theale to Newbury will take 45 minutes and Newbury to Hungerford is 35 minutes.

All information is correct as of Monday 12 February and is as a result of electrification work taking place between  Pewsey and Theale from Monday 12 March until Thursday 16 March.

To look at specifics for your journey visit gwr.com

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