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Plans for Hatchet safety measures outlined

Spoons has outlined what the Hatchet and its other pubs are going to look like when they get permission re-open from the Government.

On entering, its likely you will be greeted by a member of staff who will be monitoring the number of people going into the pub. You will also get gloves, masks and protective eyewear and will have to exit via a different door to the one you entered.

Customer entry and exit will be marked out by floor stickers and/or barriers and there will be clear printed information providing guidance to customers as you enter the pubs. Unless you’re paying over the app, the Hatchet will have screens at the till point.

There will also be screens to create seating areas where it is not possible to separate the tables to the social distancing requirement.

Staff will hand over all drinks holding the base of the glass and when ordered by the app they will be delivered to the table on a tray and placed on the table using the base of the glass.

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