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Police crackdown on rogue cyclists

Police in Newbury have been cracking down on rogue cyclists in the Town Centre.

The action focused on those riding bikes in pedestrian areas and those cycling at night without lights.

West Berkshire Spokes had mixed views on the crackdown.

The voluntary organisation representing all cyclists across West Berkshire pointed to Rule 60 of the Highway Code saying its quite clear on this issue: At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit. It MUST also be fitted with a red rear reflector (and amber pedal reflectors, if manufactured after 1/10/85).

"These days you can pick up a set of lights for less than a tenner, so there really is no excuse. You can be fined £50 for being caught without lights after dark, but most of the time, the police will waive the fine if you report to the police station within a few days and show that you have lights fitted to your bike." They added: "As for cycling in the 'pedestrian area', this is allowed, since it is actually designated as a 'pedestrian and cycle zone', and I believe that West Berkshire Council has recently changed the signs to make this clear. Most of the time, cyclists and pedestrians can share the space quite happily, but we would always advocate that cyclists take care and even get off and push their bike if it is really busy."

Police said that bike awareness took place in the town centre and 20 cyclists were spoken to.

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