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Post Office costs refused

The Post Office has refused to say how much it costs for the upkeep of the empty building on Cheap Street.

An FOI request was sent to uncover what the monthly costs were to the company that is owned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The Cheap Street branch of the Post Office closed in April last year when it moved its branch to the WH Smith on Northbrook Street.

In a response to the request the Post Office, said: "I can confirm the Post Office do hold some of the information you have requested, however Post Office consider that the information you have requested engages section 43 (2) of the Act concerning likely prejudice to Commercial Interests.

"The decision to relocate Newbury Post Office was part of a broader decision to move some of our directly managed branches into WH Smith stores where there could be the benefit of shared overheads in many cases a better and more central location. It's vital that we look at ways to retain branches in high street locations in a way which is commercially sustainable and in the case of Newbury we were able to relocate to the centre of the shopping area."

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