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Redevelopment of Faraday Road ground

Newbury Community Football Group (NCFG) has submitted a planning application for an innovative redevelopment of the community-owned Faraday Road Football Ground.

The proposals consist of four all-weather (3G) pitches, one full size, one youth size and two mini-soccer pitches. 3G pitches enable many games to be played everyday and will go a long way to addressing the shortage of football pitches in West Berkshire as identified by the FA in a recent report.

The application is also supported by a recent survey conducted by NCFG to the footballing community across Newbury which identified that 91% of respondents felt that Newbury did not have enough quality outdoor football venues.

Lee McDougall, spokesman for Newbury Community Football Group said: “This Planning Application is an exciting step towards providing enough football pitches for the community to use and will provide an excellent venue for children’s youth and senior football teams.

"We are determined to ensure there are enough quality facilities for our children and the wider community to use for the long term, to develop their sports skills and also to promote health and wellbeing in our community. Furthermore this scheme will not involve the use of any public funds.”

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