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Reviewing Ho Choy

A new takeaway with over 100 choices on the menu has opened on London Road.

Ho Choy has taken over the premises that have been empty since Hotcha closed amid a financial scandal last year.

Feeling like the boy in the Snowman after the white stuff had melted, we needed cheering up so sat by the window waiting patiently for our carb fest to turn up.

Waiting 90 minutes we gave Ho Choy a call only to find the company's website, which currently features a lot of information about a Turkish restaurant in York, wasn't currently processing orders.

When it did arrive after the phone call, we were greeted by a selection of tasty and not so stingy portions.

Opting for a shredded chilli chicken, which had a subtle but not over powering taste, was a good centre piece for the plate. This was accompanied by some delicious stir fried broccoli that added one of our five a day in to the equation.

We also opted for some pretty decent chicken and sweetcorn soup and although looking a little pale, a portion of decent chips.

The biggest surprise of the night came in the form of a spring roll that featured both a chicken and prawns. Although not a big deal for us, I guess if you are looking for a vegetarian treat this may not go down so well.

Ho Choy is new and they are currently only taking cash orders via a mobile phone.

www.hochoy.co.uk or via 07389 191581.

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