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Reviewing Nelsons Diner on Just Eat

Earlier this month Nelsons Diner jumped on the food delivery band-wagon giving people in Newbury the chance to order via Just Eat.

The Kennet Centre based restaurant has put its menu on wheels for a £1 delivery charge and a minimum order of at least £12.

Some of the early reviews on Just Eat about Nelsons Diner have been mixed.

Ellie said: "I'm guessing it's just teething problems but it was a real shame to receive soggy cold food, 15 minutes late. I got a text 50 minutes beforehand saying the food had left the restaurant - which explains the sad state it was in by the time it got here. I also did not receive my milkshake (£4.99). Not very happy when you compare all this to how much the food is. Nelsons the diner is a cracking place but perhaps they need to consider the volume of orders they can take on a Saturday night. Hope things improve as I know the food there is very good! The delivery guy was very friendly and polite."

Meanwhile Sandra said: "The Philly Burger was lovely and was massive, but the Homemade Pulled Pork with Melted Cheese Fries were to die and have gone to heaven for! What a fab looking Diner too, will eat in next time. Staff friendly and the Chef was really great."

So what did we think? Arriving about 45 minutes after we ordered it, the food rocked up in Just Eat branded packaging. What appeared to be the case was the food isn't kept in anything more than the cardboard boxes to keep it warm.

This meant that our house special of a Porky Pig with fries had to get a 30 sec blitz in the microwave to make sure we still had that piping hot feeling.

The food itself was incredibly filling with really hearty portions alongside plenty of sauce to dip our Porky Pig and chicken wings in to.

This was certainly a naughty but enjoyable treat.

While this wouldn't be our choice for every night of the week, we reckon that this is perfect for a Saturday night treat with the kids or when there is a big game on the TV.

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