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Reviewing Spice and Grill on Bartholomew Street

The former Bodrum Kebab and Pizza on Bartholomew Street has headed east and turned into an Indian takeaway.

It has been replaced by the Spice and Grill which recently opened.

Heading back from a day in London I jumped on the train and onto Just Eat placing the order ready for a 1930 delivery.

It was when I was waiting lazily for a train from Newbury back to the Racecourse that I got a text to say the food was on its way.

That's a delivery a whole hour earlier than expected and meant the food would have to sit in the oven until I got home.

Stomping towards home knowing the delivery was just sitting festering I was expecting the worst. But swinging open the front door and throwing my laptop on the floor I was greeted by a magical aroma that dragged me towards the kitchen.

Was I in the foothills of the Himalayas or the Kennet valley?

We opted for a chicken tikka masala with rice and naan for the neanderthal, while the more cultural girlfriend went for a paratha and a manchurian jinga.

The generous portion of chicken sat in a thick tomato gravy that had a slight sweetness to it. The prawns in the manchurian jinga were perfectly cooked sitting in a sauce that featured ginger and chilli flavours.

Maybe it was a subtle apology for the early arrival, or just the way they roll, but we did end up with a portion of lightly spiced potatoes that seemed fresh and were a nice little surprise.

The only piece on the order that didn't survive a quick blast in the oven was the naan, which ended up having more crunch than chew.

Overall this was a good lazy dinner and we will return.

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