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Reviewing the Lodge

The Lodge is a weird one because it's not the type of place you would go unless you were checking out the horses.

Built as part of the redevelopment of Newbury Racecourse, the Lodge is a hotel with a restaurant and bar offering a limited choice of food options.

Looking for an alternative to a take away we opted for a four cheese pizza and chicken tikka masala.

Note each meal ordered comes with a free drink, including doubles.

The pizza was a delight and could have arrived statight from Rome. Oozing flavour and a tomato stuffed crust, it was a portion that could easily have fed two for just £10.95.

Unfortunately the Lodge doesn't serve food outside so when we walked to our table and saw the chicken tikka masala I thought it was previous guests leftovers.

After a quick stir to remove the heat marks from the microwave, it did look a bit better but still lacked any taste.

The chicken thigh added a bit of bite but the damage had been done.

We would definitely head back for pizza but would give the chicken tikka masala a miss.

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