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Reviewing the Thai Golden Horse

With the rain starting to make an appearance at the Ale and Cider Festival, we decided to venture back into town.

Loving a new restaurant, we decided to venture to the Thai Golden Horse, which opened on Friday night on Northbrook Street.

The new restaurant occupies the space where Art of Siam used to be.

Being the only guests in the restaurant, we got to chat to the staff, got an insight into the new operation and how the Art of Siam owners had to return to Thailand.

To start off with we were offered the biggest selection of Thai crackers with chilli sauce we had ever seen. Portion control had gone out of the window, but there were no complaints here.

I opted for a fresh Thai Larb salad and boy it was fresh. The chicken salad, served with sticky white rice, brought together a thousand flavours. Each of them combining beautifully with a slightly spicy edge.  

While I was munching on the salad, my dining buddy went for a Thai Green Curry. He commented on the quality of the chicken and flavours having requested a slightly milder version of the dish.

There was also chat about the good balance between chicken and the wide range of vegetables that also featured in the curry.

The Golden Horse had some good food and the staff were very friendly, but this did feel like it was just Art of Siam with a different name. This is of course isn't bad news and we will be back.

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