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Safety fears scupper Pride Parade

Apparent safety fears have caused plans for a Pride Parade in Newbury to be shelved.

The parade was due to take place at the end of June, in what has been known as Pride Month, but a post on the event's Facebook page suggests that complaints have been made about it.

Organiser, Cleo Lavigne, said: "In regards to the event happening, I regret to say that it’s not happening this year. After much consideration for the event and it’s public response it has been hard to decide.

"I’ve had some complaints made and have had safety concerns about holding this event and I honestly do not feel safe with having all your safety in my hands. I have been advised to consider adding on a pride themed event to an already existing event as a way to slowly introduce this event. I do think it is a shame but as I mentioned, I really do not feel comfortable potentially jeopardising your safety."

In response, supporters of the event argued that "This is exactly the reason why we should do it, standing up and being proud no matter what people say..."

And.... "That's absolutely ridiculous that some people could be like that. It is such a shame that this event cant go ahead,I know that so many people were looking forward to Newbury Pride, myself included as it would have been a big thing for me and my first girlfriend. I hope that something can be arranged and that The LGBTQ can be excepted into Newbury without being threatened or harmed x 🏳️‍🌈❤"

We will update you when we know about what is happening.

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