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Taxi driver opens up about working in Newbury

A taxi driver has opened up about operating in Newbury stating that they don't think West Berkshire Council want them operating in the town, with one rank at the train station being the worst in England.

The anonymous driver has written to the Council expressing their views as part of a consultation about fee increases.

Driving a taxi for 35 years, the cabbie states that all of the taxi ranks are in the wrong part of town. Adding: "All the taxi ranks in the town are not where the people want them in the Market Place. This would help with security and safety to drivers being stuck in a dimly lit area.

"With the closure of the Wharf car park there is not enough room for taxis to park up and wait. We cannot afford to drive around town all the time look for a space on a rank."

As well as criticising West Berkshire Council, the driver also believes that the Highways and Newbury Town Council aren't helping matters either.

They state: "I heard today of a driver waiting in the Wharf parked near the 'disabled' vehicles waiting for a coach to arrive and he was told to move on or get a ticket. Surely somebody needs to sort this system out. This is why you want us to pay more and it is not on. I know a lot of these problems are being caused by the Highways and Newbury Town Council but we pay you not them, so please give us a break and do something about it."

Commenting on parking at Newbury train station on the south side, the driver says that it is not safe every sense of the world. "Having to stop in the middle of the road and reverse into a bay that is just wide enough to park in and customers opening doors on to other cares, opening tailgates and boots for luggage whilst people trying to get by. 'Not safe' loading a wheelchair. 'Not safe' taxis pulled out of the rank and people walking trying to get past 'not safe'. Why is that we have the worst taxi rank in England at Newbury Station south side?"

Image: Flickr

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