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The naughty one from the Pizza Pilot

The Pizza Pilot's popularity seems to be growing at Concorde speed. So after hearing loads of good stuff about them, and even publishing a story about it on here by one of our readers, we had to visit.

Located outside Newbury Town Hall in the Market Place, the ovens of the Pizza Pilot cook-up a small but fine selection of traditional and alternative pizza options.

This includes a confit garlic bread, margherita, pepperoni, a spitfire which has chorizo and jalapenos on it, as well as the naughty one.

And it was the naughty one that caught our eye. A soft base covered in warm custard, maltesers, malteser buttons, nutella spread, crumbled chocolate cookie and a salted caramel sauce.

While the pizza looked and tasted great, eating it proved to be the biggest challenge with custard and chocolate dribbling from all quarters. But that was all part of the entertainment with this delicious pizza being munched up leaving just a custard moustache for good measure.

As well as pitching up at Newbury Market, the Pizza Pilot also has pop-up events so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

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