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The Sushi Maki new hot offering

The Sushi Maki in the Market Place recently launched a new hot food offering so obviously we had to try it out.

As well as a host of traditional Japanese choices on the menu, the Sushi Maki now also cook up gyoza, yakitori, karaage, eel bowl and tempura prawns.

For those not in the know and I will admit I had to Google one or two of the items, here is what each of them are:

Gyoza £5 - are half moon-shaped dumplings often with a meat or vegetable filling. The Sushi Maki is serving up a chicken and vegetable option, duck, shrimp-ebi and finally vegetable.

Yakitori £6 - is a Japanese dish where chicken is cut into small pieces, skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled.

Karaage £7 - is usually chicken thigh that is marinated before frying.

Eel bowl £7 - it consists of a large bowl filled with steamed white rice, and topped with fillets of eel.

Tempura Prawns £7 - probably the most common one. Prawns cooked in a light and air batter and served with both a teriyaki sauce as well as a creamy spicy sauce.

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