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Thousands without water

Thousands of people in Newbury are without water this afternoon after a major leak. 

The leak occured at the junction with Sunderland Gardens on Enborne Road.

It is understood that RG14 and RG20 are the areas without water.

Thames Water is advising those without water to go to the train station where bottles of water are available. 

Enborne Road is completely blocked.

It is understood the leak happened in the same area a sink hole opened up four years ago.

Thames Water has said: "We're sorry to customers in RG14 and RG20 area who may be experiencing problems with their water supply. Our team are continuing to work to try to restore water to the area, however, the repair is more complex than first thought. We're looking at re-routing water into the network."

Will update you as we get more info.

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