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Threats to sue and death wishes after tweet goes viral

A Newbury Optician has faced death wishes on her business and threats of being sued after she turned away a customer who refused to wear a mask.

Valarie Jerome Optometrists on Northbrook Street posted a tweet to their 350 followers on Thursday sharing an anecdote from their day of what Valarie described as her first "anti masker."

Nearly 9,000 people have 'liked' the tweet and over 400 have retweeted. Among the responses it received were:

Andrew Sharp: "Good for you did u direct her to #barnardcastleeyetest."

David Hoban: "This is against a law. They are risking a court case and I hope they get one to be fair."

Rubi-Ben: "Good for you... such a caring and understanding member of the medical profession. You must be so proud of yourself.. so proud and superior that you had to announce it on Twitter."

Another said: "Shame on you! I hope she sues you under the Disabilty Act and Equality Act."

Valarie has gone on to say: "Since last tweet went viral, I’ve had death wishes for the business, threats of being sued, accused of discriminating the disabled & called disgusting & a piece of s***. There’s a difference between medical exemption & rollin your eyes when asked to wear a mask for an eye test."

The Valarie Jerome website states: "Masks are required in addition to booking an appointment for all services to limit the number of people in the practice."

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