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Thumbs up for Corn Exchange lunch

Giggling retired ladies to the right of me and kids queuing up for Very Hungry Caterpillar tickets to the right. And me well I'm just stuck in the middle of it all at my table trawling through the Kitchen and Bar's food menu in the Corn Exchange foyer.

While sitting there with my eyes peeled on the menu and my ears like satellites listening to the delights of the ladies' book club anecdotes, it got me thinking about the diverse nature of the Corn Exchange and how quite often it is over looked for food, and it's obvious to see why.

It's where you go to catch some theatre or cinema and maybe a wine while you're waiting for the performance to begin. But with its prime position in town, great entertainment line-up and a varied menu there is no reason why this place shouldn’t be on the ladies that lunch visit list and more.

The menu that is cooked up by chef Antonio brings together hot and cold sandwiches as well as soup for those cold winter days, a regular pasta special and a beef and chorizo burger to name just a few.

And with that lets talk about that beef and chorizo burger.

It's often the case that you head to the food market or festival and pick up something authentic, something that deserves more than a mini fist pump and something that you can never find the same taste or quality if you go to Tesco or even your local pub.

Fortunately that wasn’t the case with the rich beef and paprika taste coming together like the early stages of a dramatic Corn Exchange love-affair performance. The burger ticked every box and pushed away instantly any fears that this was going to be anything more than something that had dragged from the freezer.

Served with a side salad and choice of dressings as well as chips, which proved to be the perfect accompaniment for the burger that also served in a beer bap.

Coming to the Corn Exchange definitely taught me a lesson in that this place is much more than a performance venue and one that deserves an extra hour or so of your time before the play starts so you can savour the flavours and quality.

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