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Town Councillors object to new London Road Lidl

Newbury Town Councillors have thrown a spanner in the works for plans for a new Lidl on London Road.

The Planning and Highways Committee have objected to the new store being built because it doesn't look as good as it could from the canal with just a single line of trees blocking the view of the store from the waterway.

As well Town Councillors, a number of others have also voiced concerns.

Debra Inston, Principal Conservation and Design Officer at West Berkshire Council, said: "The proposal would sit tight against the towpath, presenting a blank unattractive façade along the towpath edge. The applicants have attempted to screen this from the towpath and canal with a thin row of new planting, however, even when the planting has matured it is highly likely that the building would still be visible, as is the rest of the retail park further along despite the existing vegetation."

The Environment Agency object to the proposed development as it falls within a flood risk vulnerability category that is inappropriate to the Flood Zone in which the application site is located.

Although there were objections, Cllr Tony Vickers, said: "I think what we are going to get as good as we are going get. I would be reluctant to see Lidl walk away as it might be the best we might get."

Cllr Foot added: "This development is better than nothing and if we turn it down we are cutting our nose off to spite our face."

A decision on whether the store gets the go-ahead will be made by West Berkshire Council.

You can see the plans on the Council website.

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