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Tricks of the track

With train ticket prices becoming more and more expensive, we have been digging deep and working out some ways to make your pound go further.

One of the biggest savings we have found is more than £200 a year and it involves simply buying a ticket between Newbury and Tilehurst instead of Reading.

For those buying a weekly ticket, by following this trick you could save yourself £4 a week where it's £39.90 to Tilehurst instead of £43.90. Over the course of a year that's a saving of £208.

Buying a monthly ticket to Tilehurst instead of Reading will put an extra £180 in your back pocket every year.

You could buy a year long season ticket between Newbury and Tilehurst for £1,596 instead of a Newbury to Reading ticket for £1,756. That's still a saving of £160.

If you have any tips for heading west from Newbury then comment below.

The National Rail Conditions say you can:

  • Travel between the stations, or within the zones, on or within the dates shown on your ticket.

  • Start, break or resume your journey using trains on which your ticket is valid unless you are told about particular restrictions that apply to the use of your ticket. Note that you cannot break your journey except to change trains with Advance tickets.

latest newbury news

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