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Trying to stamp out bag thefts

A rising number of bag thefts in Newbury town centre has prompted police into action giving out free bells for ladies to put on their bags.

Susan Gillespie from Newbury Police Station said that over 500 bells had been handed out in effort to combat the growing problem.

She added: "We do patrols in all of the shops and give advice to ladies who may for some reason have been distracted and their bags are easy targets.

"We also have visited Charity Shops to give them advice and also leave Purse Bells with them to give to their elderly customers and also have done many talks at Residential homes/sheltered housing alerting them to this crime, as well as giving out personal alarms and purse bells. We carry these bells with us at all times and are often stopped in the street by people who have heard how effective they are."

On Friday lunchtime an offender stole a bag containing clothing from a personal shopping trolley in Northbrook Street.

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