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Uber Eats at Wonder Chicken 

Tracking my food delivery driver on the Uber Eats app, I was intrigued to see that the driver was picking up my order from the Parkway from an outlet called Wonder Chicken.

Well it turns out that Wonder Chicken is an off shoot of Cafe Rouge. To keep the restaurant busy they cook up a range of chicken dishes, and as we will find out, also beef burgers.

The outlet also delivers under the Stack and Grill brand. That's more burgers and croque monsieur.

After a very thorough ID check, which involves inputting your date of birth into a tablet and then signing for your order because they had delivered alcohol, I finally got my order opened.

It was only after a few bites that I realised that the chicken with pulled beef burger that I had ordered, was in fact a beef burger with pulled beef on top.

A quick look over the menu showed that this wasn't even something they sell.

While obviously disappointed by the lack of chicken from the chicken restaurant, I quickly got over it. The pulled beef sat on top of the burger in a really tangy and delicious bbq sauce.

Meanwhile the brioche bun held firm with all of the juices from the burger and salad, as well as the mayo. There is nothing worse than soggy bun looking at you under a beef patty, which in this case was plentiful.

Without a cider, or cidre if we are being on brand, this wasn't an overly expensive takeaway. Add that fiver for a bottle, with a delivery fee of £3.50 for the one mile journey and it suddenly starts adding up.

So with a wrong order, a meal that would cheaper if I ate in the restaurant and the dishes to do myself, it's probably going to be a first and last time for us at Wonder Chicken.

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