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Unruly barbers closes its doors

A barber shop famed for its fresh trims and fluffy dog has closed.

The Unruly in the Parkway sent an update to its customers this lunchtime saying they are sadly unable to continue trading.

According to the popular outlet all appointments have been cancelled in their Newbury store.

Owner Aaron Brewer said in a statement: "We aren’t big business, despite holding our own in a shopping centre for 4 and a half long years. It’s been tough and I’ve lost a lot of myself to keeping people in jobs and keeping the company going. Not to mention the financial investments me and my wife have made.

"But despite the tough times we've had, it’s truly been a dream to have done this and I cannot thank my amazing clients enough for all the support and loyalty you have shown us. Thank you, seriously, thank you. This wouldn’t have been at all possible without you and the loyalty you have shown us."

He went on to say: "Loyalty is a big thing in our eyes. It seems scarce in today’s world. I’m so gutted I won’t be cutting your hair anymore but if you want to support businesses run by people that know and love their craft, have high standards and integrity, then I can only recommend Bernie’s and B side Barbers."

Before adding: "I’ve loved what we’ve achieved in Newbury. I’ve worked harder than I ever have in my life to grow this and I think I’ve set the bar pretty high. But now, it’s time I really lived."

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