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Vehicles back in Town Centre after being banned

Vehicles got the chance to drive along Northbrook Street and Bartholomew Street for the first time since June after restrictions on access were lifted.

The restrictions were in place to help town centre businesses and shoppers to comply with social distance guidance as it will make additional floorspace available for queuing outside of shops and businesses who choose to re-open.

Following the lifting of restrictions, vehicles can drive on Bartholomew Street and Northbrook Street between 5pm and 10am every day.

Earlier today West Berkshire Council said: "There is a problem with the operation of the bollards within Newbury Town Centre on St Bartholomew Street through to Northbrook Street.

"An engineer has been called to attend and fix the issue.

"We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused but we are working on it and expect the repair to be completed in time for this evening at 5:00pm as planned."

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