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Victoria Park could host Remembrance Day Parade

Victoria Park could host this year's Remembrance Day Parade in an attempt to aid social distancing.

The latest idea was discussed during a Newbury Town Council meeting on Monday 7 September ahead of the Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday 8 November.

The Leader of Newbury Town Council proposed the idea of using the Park instead of the traditional routing on Northbrook Street. Martin Colston, said: "I think we should definitely have a parade. Perhaps it can take place in Victoria Park so it's not so congested instead of Northbrook Street. It is important we do something."

To help with crowd control around the war memorial, Cllr Colston went on to suggest potentially holding a ceremonial wreath laying at the bandstand with the wreaths then moved to the war memorial on Wednesday 11 November.

Mayor Elizabeth O’Keeffe added: "A parade down Northbrook Street attracts people that wouldn't have necessarily have intended to see it with the music from the parade attracting them. When we had BLM family day in Victoria Park it went without problem."

Details about logistics around the Remembrance Day will be shared by Newbury Town Council once they have been finalised.

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