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Wasp nest the size of a boiler uncovered

A garage cupboard in Newbury was the home to as many as 15,000 wasps and one very shocked pest controller.

Shane Jones, who works for Ridtek in Basingstoke, had been called out by the owner of the garage who was petrified about what was hiding behind the cupboard doors.

Much to Shane's surprise, there was a wasps nest as big as a boiler.

Shane said: “I’ve seen a few big nests in my time but nothing anywhere near like this. It was absolutely massive.

“Wasp season started so much earlier this year than before, so that’s why they’ve had the time to build such monster nests.

Millions more wasps are buzzing around the UK than in the last five years because a cold winter stopped any of the queens waking up prematurely, only to die from lack of food.

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