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Weekday railway closure

There will be no trains through Newbury over the course of three separate weeks later this year.

Train operator, GWR, has said that to allow for the installation of overhead wires, no trains will be travelling from anywhere between Pewsey and Theale.

Instead buses will be provided by GWR to replace the regular trains.

At present the following periods of work are confirmed:

  • Monday 12 March until Thursday 15 March

  • Monday 23 April until Thursday 26 April

  • Monday 4 June until Thursday 7 June

In a statement, GWR said: "Brand new Intercity Express Trains, plus the electrification of the route between Reading and Newbury, mean journeys will be quicker and seating capacity will be increased. "To make this happen, Network Rail will be undertaking an upgrade programme between Reading and Newbury on various weekdays throughout 2018. "On these days buses will replace trains from stations between Pewsey and Theale."

You can learn more from GWR.

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