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West Berkshire Climate Conference set for October

West Berkshire Council is gearing up to host a climate conference in October.

The West Berkshire Climate Conference will explore different ways residents, businesses, local organisations and the Council in West Berkshire can help tackle the climate crisis. A number of speaker led session and information exchanges will take place throughout the day.

The free event will be held at Newbury College from 10am until 4pm on Monday 28 October.

West Berkshire residents are invited to attend the conference by booking admission in advance but numbers will be limited to four tickets per application. Tickets will be available from noon on Monday 16 September via the West Berkshire Climate Conference - Tickets page.  

The event has been organised by West Berkshire Council following its declaration of a climate emergency last month. It's one of the first initiatives to come from a new Environment Board established by the Council which will create a new Environment Strategy and coordinate and oversee environmental projects. The conference also supports the Council's priority to maintain a green district as set out in the new West Berkshire Council Strategy 2019-23.

Speaking about plans for the conference, Councillor Steve Ardagh-Walter, Executive Member for the Environment, said: "We're excited to be hosting this event, which will bring together academics, industry figures, local organisations and residents to discuss how we can tackle the climate crisis here in West Berkshire. Climate change is an important issue that affects us all and about which our community feels very passionately. For this reason, we feel that the conference will be a great opportunity for local people to be involved with our work and to contribute their views, ideas and experiences as we look at shared solutions we can adopt in the district."

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