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What is my social crowd

For the last few weeks social media users in Newbury have been ambushed My Social Crowd - but what is it?

Essentially it is an advert that is being placed on some of Newbury's most popular social media channels. This includes Newbury's tourism promoter, Visit Newbury.

Newburytoday has also been running the ads that charge as much as £489 a month for what is described as as package that gives daily posts on the chosen platforms and will create a real buzz around your business and brand and when coupled with our proven social amplification tools get ready for a real marketing boost.

The group is led by Newbury Bid head man, Russell Downing, but has caused anger among some have seen businesses outside of Newbury signing up to the platform.

There was no response to the Tweet.

One of the biggest concern areas has to be the advertisements appearing on Newburytoday with no reference to the fact these are not news stories. An ethical question also hangs over whether or not they would run any negative stories against those in this Crowd.

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