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Why we all love Rio's Takeaway

Here's eight reasons why we love Rio's Takeaway

  1. It's a Newbury institution that has been flipping the patty since 1990. How many other Newbury take-away and restaurants can lay claim to being around so long?

  2. You get lessons in life

  3. You meet the lads from the school who you haven't seen since your GCSE Maths exam

  4. Everyone in the RG14 knows about it and will smile when you mention its name

  5. It has one of the most biggest menus ever seen at a burger joint. You can choose from a range of beef, chicken and veggie burgers, or 6oz angus steak burgers

  6. It does loads for charity

  7. You have to hold on to the order-point shelf to stop yourself being dragged through the hatch because of the smells and excitement that are just feet away

  1. It's a back-alley shack but it's Newbury's back-alley shack!!

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