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Will CCTV switch on failure hamper rape investigation

Last night Thames Valley Police revealed a new angle in to their investigation of two rapes that recently took place in Newbury.

While that work goes on a number of people have questioned whether or not the failure of Newbury Bid to get the Town's CCTV switched on could slow down police investigation work.

In 2016, all of the Town's 24 cameras were turned off as part of a money saving exercise. At the time West Berkshire Council papers said: "The suspension of the CCTV service will also mean that Thames Valley Police may not have the potential to secure additional evidence provided by CCTV images to support a case in court."

Growing pressure is mounting on the Bid after they had initially said the cameras would be turned on in March 2017.

It has since been confirmed that unavoidable delays had caused problems according to Lindsey Finch at Thames Valley Police.

The Chief Inspector added: "I understand from the BID that the CCTV should be going live very soon.

"There have been a number of unavoidable delays which are hopefully now coming to a close."

latest newbury news

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