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Wonderland soft play area closes

A children's soft play area on York Road has closed.

Wonderland Soft play say they have tried hard to get through these unprecedented times but despite their best efforts it is with a very heavy heart that they wont be reopening.

In a post on Facebook, they added: "As a small business owner having soft play area the decision not to re-open has been incredibly hard and heart-breaking as this was are first year trying to get on are feet but with little money behind us it's very hard.

"This has been a devastating blow for all indoor soft play areas nationally and the industry is on the verge of collapse.

"The small grant we did receive was simply not enough to cover the ongoing costs of running the company let alone the investment needed to re-open in accordance with guidelines.

"With furlough coming to an end, no insurance pay outs and mounting non-negotiable costs, the funds we have are simply not enough to keep going any longer."

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