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Work continues to get Newbury connected

Workers from Thames Water are continuing to try and get the water supply back to normal in Newbury.

Despite initial reports that the water supply would be restored earlier, Thames Water, admitted that the problem was worse than first thought.

To try and restore the supply, the company has now re-routed water via other routes. It is understood water is starting to get through.

Meanwhile at Enborne Road, a hefty piece of pipe is being put into place to replace the leaking pipe that has caused all of the issues. 

Thames Water is still giving out bottles of water at the train station. 

They said: "Our teams have re-routed the water and your supply will begin to return shortly. However, if your water appears cloudy or discoloured, this is quite normal but it's best to run your cold kitchen tap for a few minutes once your water is back on."

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