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You Can't Kill The Spirit exhibition

Greenham Common Control Tower's new exhibition “You Can’t Kill the Spirit” by local artist Pam Hardman opened to the public at the end of July.

The first floor Tower Gallery now hosts a series of monochrome prints, drawings and etchings examining the rich peacetime and military history of Greenham Common.

The Airfield, Edwardian Picnic and Over the Fence, which now hang on the cafe walls, are three of a series of large monochrome pieces that Pam produced for her final project at college in 2011. These charcoal drawings show the airfield as it was in the days of the Cold War with written annotations of various positions making up the site and some from World War Two.

Edwardian Picnic shows the common in a bygone era with more recent images superimposed. “The project was an investigation into the aspects and issues related to the use of Greenham Common exploring the passage of time; covering social, political and historical findings” said Pam Harding.

“For the exhibition, I developed some large charcoal drawings on the theme of Greenham, layered with human histories, identities and memories, that will reveal some spectre of the landscape as both witness and archivist.”

Pam’s work is mostly observational drawing, which she describes as a paradoxical combination of the meditative with the transitory. It is an act of contemplation that takes her time to create. The large charcoal drawings, explore techniques such as rubbing, blending, smoothing, dusting, smudging, erasing, blending sticks, cloths and rubbers. The sets of prints utilise a combination of drawing and etching techniques to create ghostly images of the fence wire, which still surrounds part of the Common, with found posters and signs embossed into the white paper, revealed as angled light falls on them.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 8 September at Greenham Control Tower, Burys Bank Road RG19 8BZ. The Control Tower is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 10.30 to 1.30 and at weekends from 9.30 to 4. The building can be hired privately at other times by enquiring via the website: www.greenhamtower.org.uk

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